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Lynn Santer sent her first story “The Magical Scarecrows” to a publisher when she was nine years old. The publisher, whose address she had enterprisingly found in her Winnie the Pooh book, wrote back encouraging little Lynn to write again when she was older because her style was good but the content wasn’t long enough – and they included a brand new Winnie the Pooh book for her. Somewhat aghast that their daughter wanted to pursue such a frivolous career, Lynn’s mother and father told her she would be much better off studying to be a doctor, a lawyer, or an accountant. Dutifully, Lynn studied finance and law but along the way she won her first award for animal welfare when she was only 12 years old, earning all badges, in all categories of assistance, in the junior division of the PDSA (People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals) known as “The Busy Bees”. This was immediately followed with an award for “Outstanding Effort” as they had run out of categories to award her in.

A few years later, she started The London Zoological Society in her high school, aiming to educate her fellow students about wildlife, their environment, and how to protect them in the wild. As she developed an international, high-powered, jet-setting career in the world of high finance that saw her consult to committees in London’s House of Commons, Ten Downing Street, and across the European Union, as well as launching her debut best-selling novel “Sins of Life”, Lynn never lost track of her love of wildlife nor her passion to protect them. And she never lost her passion for writing.

In 2007, with a successful writing career established and a few film/stage production awards under her belt, Lynn decided to give back to the world with innate gift she had attempted to launch at age nine. A children’s philanthropic range was born called, funnily enough, “The Magical Scarecrows”. This included “Kids who read succeed”, providing free books to Third World countries to help with the vital skill of literacy; the “Let’s Make Magic” days of celebrity variety entertainment for disabled and disadvantaged children; and “The Stars Read the Scarecrows”, celebrity readings of the stories as a commercial range to fund the philanthropic activities.  

 In 2008, Lynn also started writing a column in the Shule magazine of the Gold Coast Hebrew Congregation called “Heroes in our midst”. The column focused largely on Holocaust survivors, recording their stories for posterity. During this process new friendships were forged and new respect and awareness was given to heroes who had been quietly hiding in the mist of the congregation.

Through a series of happenstances, Lynn’s  professional career morphed from one in high finance to movie production in Hollywood, along the way making lifelong friends of such people as Priscilla Presley, Tippi Hedren and Virginia McKenna OBE, star of the immortal classic “Born Free” and founder of The Born Free Foundation. She was awarded honorary life membership of The AfriCat Foundation in Namibia and in 2001 she began a crusade with the then Chief Inspector of the Zimbabwe SPCA, Meryl Harrison, and ex Special Forces commandos to uncover visual and documented evidence of ongoing, legal, brutal atrocities against endangered big game by some of the most powerful people on earth. The odyssey became a mission, which has become a crusade called “Land of the Free”. Today she is vowing to switch the species on the endangered list to – the trophy hunter.

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