Some activities about TEA and MR LOVEDAY LITTLE OUTING


Tea - Further activities


A- Checking comprehension:


  1. What was James’s perception of marriage?

  2. What were his relatives’ wishes in relation to marriage?

  3. How did he react to the wife-to-be suggested by his family?

  4. What impression do you make of James’ personality?

  5. What do you think James found particularly irritating about having tea in the traditional way?

  6. What was his view on what women should be like?

  7. Why did he decide to visit Rhoda when he was on the way to Joan’s house?

  8. What struck James about Rhoda’s ways?

  9. What does the end of the story inform the reader?


B- Debate: Marriage – a strictly necessary legal requirement, a romantic affair or a mere cultural imposition?


C- Role-plays:

Situation 1 – James and his female relatives talking about a necessary marriage.

Situation 2: James’ s visit to Rhoda’s house.

Situation 3: James giving the news about his wedding to his family.


Mr Loveday’s Little Outing - Further activities


A- Checking comprehension:


  1. How did Lord Moping try to commit suicide? Was it his first time?

  2. In what way was Lord Moping treated differently from other inmates?

  3. Why did Lady Moping keep her husband in a low-quality mental institution?

  4. How did Lord Moping react when he saw Angela?

  5. What do we learn about Mr Loveday when the Dr tells Angela about his past? What is Angela impression of Mr Loveday?

  6. What do you learn about Lady Moping’s personality and attitude

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