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Essay - Respecting other people´s opinions.

Marcos S, Gaston T, Sebastian A, Eitan R y Nicolas L. [+]

Essay respecting other people´s opinion

Sebastian A , Nico L, Gaston T, Marcos S, Eitan R [+]


Matías Z, Agustin PV, Micaela S, Nicolás L [+]

Essay and task

Jimena B. Magali D. and Agustina L. [+]

Avril GM, Franco D, Nicolas T, Lautaro CA & Marcos S.

Essay - Respecting other people´s opinions [+]

Essay - Respecting other people's opinions

Sebastián L, Mateo R, Bono O, Felipe S, Sabrina M y Lorenzo A [+]

Essay Plan and Task

Avril GM, Franco D, Nicolas T, Lautaro C & Marcos S. [+]

Plan for a task and our own task

Nicolás L, Agustín P, Micaela S and Matías Z [+]


CSE Day - August, 11th