Link al grupo de inglés

Here´s the grammar, vocabulary, and writing we have worked with during the year. If you need to check any of it, please use the files in campus to revise or consult before the final exam.

Watch the TED talk in the link below (In English) and make a summary of the ideas including your opinion about the topic discussed.

Use the links below to practise for the December evaluation

Use the audio files to complete the task in the form

Here are the exams each class did so that you can do them to practise. The key is at the end of the file so that you can check your answers.

PIA November Use of English.

On a separate sheet of paper, answer the task below

Try these activites to train for the final exam. We will check them together in class. It is based on the grammar and vocabulary listed in the syllabus and you can find explanations in the files we used during the year.

Go over the answers to the FCE practice using the key

This is what we are going to use to work in class

WE are going to work with a few activites on these pages in our next class.

These are the activities you did in groups and checked together.

These are the activites you are to work with in class today

CYBER SCHOOL OR BACK TO SCHOOL? Unit 3 is about cyber school. The activities in this game are connected to this topic. Complete the activities and get the number at the end of each challenge

This is our topic and practice for today. Firstly, we are to work with the Word File and the grammar there. Secondly, we are going to work with the links and finally the Transformations exercise

This is the material for our lesson today, in case you can´t connect

Access the link below to play a game in small groups. Then upload your answers to a form and submit it before the end of the class. The first team to finish will be the winner!!!!

GAME ON!!!! (Click here

Your answers here

Look at the grammar reference in here and do the following exercises. SB Exercise 3 and 4 page 27 and WB Exercise 1, 2, and 4, which you can find in the picture below Then do the activity at the end of this article

Read the text below and we are going to work with vocabulary in class.

Access the padlet in this link and share your ideas with the class

Discuss the questions in small groups

This is our class for today. We are going to work with tips to write an essay correctly.

Watch the two fragments of the The Big Bang Theory S4 E7 in the links below and play the kahoot to see how much you understand the characters.

In case you cannot connect, we are to work with listening and grammar activites during this class. Use the files below to do the listening activites and work with exercise 2-6 on page 24. Then do the homework in the right hand column

Discuss the different entries in the text in small groups and then do the multiple matching and vocabulary exercises below. Be ready to justify your answers with ideas from the text

Today we are working with Speaking activites on page 15 in your SB and 11 in your WB

Check the chart below to see what activites you must do and then find the activites in our home.

Download the file below to see the activites you have to complete and fill in the form to submit your answers

Download the file below to see the activites you have to do and fill in the form to submit your answers

Here's the link to the game

I hope you enjoy the activity and it helps you think over the way we get on with each other

This are the activities we are to work with in class. The material is on page 16 and 17 in the SB and page 12 in the WB

Here´s a list of prefixes and suffixes to help you form words

This is practice for the vocabulary we worked with in our last class

We are to work these activities in class. You can revise what we do in class here.

This activity involves Listening for gist and speaking. Exercise 3 and 4 page 10. Present Tenses Practice. Part 1 Speaking FCE

Check these points out to do the transformations in class

Grammar reference and practice

Transformations and analysis

Check this out if you need help to form the passive voice

In order to check how much you can remember about tenses, try this true or false exercise

Here´s are the activites we are to work with in class

Speaking session in class and activities for revision. Follow the instructions below

This is the third mock. Try it to see how much you need you revise before the exam

Try this second mock and subit your answer through the form

Submit your answers through the file below

Download the file below to read the second short story of the year. BE READY TO DISCUSS IT IN OUR SECOND CLASS AFTER THE WINTER HOLIDAY!

Follow the instructions in the task to record your answer and upload it to Students´Productions

These exercises will help you practise!

Try these exercises to practise Reading Comprehension

Do the exercises in the link below to get some extra practice of listening

Some links for revision

Try this game to revise grammar and vocabulary

Let´s revise Reported Speech

It´s Reading time!!

Now try this extra practice

This is some practice

Check this grammar out to learn about Reported Speech

Look at the exercise in the PDF below and submit your answers through the form in the link

Use the audio files below to do an FCE type activity and submit your answers through the form in the link

Now try these activites for Future Tenses and submit your answers through the form below