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I am sharing information about what is taken into account to assess the term.

I leave two links to the units we will be using this year.


Our material this year!

Units 1-5

Download the Word file for the Use of English exercises

Listening activities to do during the year! We will use this article to access the audio files and solve the tasks.

Download the Word File and do the Reading in unit 5 of the WB. Then submit your answers through the form with the name PreFCE Practice 2 in our home.

Download the Word File and do the Reading in unit 5 of the SB. Then submit your answers through the form with the same name in our home.

You wil find the activites you have to do this week.

Using the grammar reference we saw in class do the tasks below.

Work in small groups and find the answers to the exercises below.

SB page 56 ex 6

WB page 42 ex 1, 2, 3 and 4

I leave a file with a text by Saki.

Read the story for our next live class and be ready to discuss it!!!

Use page 42 in the SB and page 30 in the WB to do the exercises below in pairs. Be ready for a challenge after discussing your answers.

SB Page 42 Ex.4 and 5

WB Page 30 Ex. 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5

Keep record of your answers for later use.

Here's what we discussed in our latest live lesson. The characteristics of an essay.

See the file below to go over the grammar we worked with in class

We also worked with Transformations on page 41 in the SB and on page 29 in the WB

CYBER SCHOOL OR BACK TO SCHOOL? Unit 3 is about cyber school. The activities in this game are connected to this topic. Complete the activities and get the number at the end of each challenge

Use this page to work in class


Look at the grammar reference in here and do the following exercises. SB Exercise 3 and 4 page 27 and WB Exercise 1, 2, and 4, which you can find in the picture below Then do the activity at the end of this article

Articles: a , an , the , zero article



We use a/an:

• to refer to things in general, as an example of a type of thing

Sarah likes to eat an apple a day.

• with singular countable nouns mentioned for the first time

 I’ve always wanted to go on a skiing holiday.

• with jobs, some illnesses, some numbers

She’s a chef; I’ve got a sore throat; you’ve told me a million times!

• in set phrases or expressions

a couple of, twice a week, a few problems, once in a while



We use the to refer to specific things or things that have already been mentioned.

He goes to the gym twice a week.

That’s the boy I was talking about.

We also use it:

• when there’s only one.

the sun, the moon, the Earth

• for superlatives.

You’re the best!

• for some important buildings.

the town hall, the theatre

• for some countries, rivers, deserts, seas, oceans.

the United Kingdom (the UK), the Netherlands, the United States, the Thames, the Sahara, the Pacific

• for plural names of mountain ranges.

the Alps, the Pyrenees

• for newspapers, inventions, musical instruments.

The New York Times.

Who invented the computer?

I play the guitar.

• with an adjective to mean a particular group of people.

the rich, the poor, the unemployed, the young, the French, etc.


Zero article

We use zero article:

• for uncountable nouns or plural nouns, unless we are referring to a specific case.

Rob usually asks his best friend for advice. BUT The advice you gave me was really helpful.

• for most continents, countries, cities, lakes, streets, mountains, shops, restaurants, individual people.

Scotland, Paris, London, Oxford Street, Ben Nevis

• for games, sports, languages and school subjects.

We’re learning Italian.

I love football.

• for some institutions, unless we are just visiting .

We don’t have to go to school tomorrow, it’s a holiday.

My mother is coming to the school to talk to the teacher.

• for some set expressions .

on foot, by train, on holiday, at noon


Answer this question about your country paying special attention to the use of articles
WHAT DOES YOUR COUNTRY HAVE TO OFFER VISITORS? IS IT MORE A WINTER OR A SUMMER DESTINATION - OR BOTH? Write about 100 words paying attention to the use of articles and be ready to share your passage with the class.

Play this kahoot and revise!

I hope you enjoy the activity and it helps you think over the way we get on with each other

Watch the TED TALK about Toxic relationships

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Use the page in the file below to solve the activities in teams

Use the page in the file below to do the exercises in teams

Here's the link to the game we played in class last week for you to go on practising

Group work

These are the pictures we worked with in our live class. (CHECK THE LINK I HAVE SHARED) The task today is to suggest possible answers to the questions at the top of each picture. Write on the board at least two ideas for each set of pictures considering descriptive language and language for speculation.

For those who need some extra explanation before revising Past Tenses and Conditionals

Past Tenses