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On pages 12 and 13, Vaughan (from The Man who Forgot his wife) says:

"I think I learned then that that
is the most basic primeval human need of all - that
simple rea,ssurance that you are alive and will be
acknowledged by other human beings. 'I exist!' declare
all those Stone Age cave paintings. 'I exist!' say the graffiti tags on the underground walls. That's the whole
point of the internet - it's given everyone the chance to
proclaim their existence to the world. Friends Reunited:
'Here I am! Look over here! Yes, you had forgotten me
but now you remember me again!' Facebook: 'This is
me, Look, I have photos, friends, interests. No one can
say f was never born - here is the proof for all to see:
platforms and numbered zones; dozens of signs told
hurrying travellers where they might go, as ceaseless
information ~crplled across screens and distorted
announcements filled my ears. There was a short queue
at a stall offering 'Information', but I was guessing they
wouldn't be able to tell me my identity. I ventured into
a public toilet just to sta;e into a mirror and was
shocked by the age of the bearded stranger I saw frowning back at me. I guessed I was around forty,maybe
more, greying at the temples and thinning on top. It was
impossible to know whether it was the years or the
mileage. Without even thinking about it, l'd presumed I
was somewhere in my early twenties, but now I could
see that I was actually two decades older than that. I
learned later that this was nothing to do with my particular neurological condition - that's just how
everyone feels in middle age.
That is the central tenet of twenty-first-century Western
philosophy: 'I tweet, therefore I am"

-What is your take on this?

-How do you feel about technology? (mostly, these days!)

-Does the phrase "I tweet, therefore I am" apply to your lifestyle? Why?

Write a diary entry about your thoughts and opinion on this quote. You should write around 150-200 words, then upload it to STUDENTS' PRODUCTIONS. It is due May 5th.

Of course, feel free to ask me if you have any query.


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Download the file and do the exercises!

Download the file and do all the exercises!

Download the file and do all the exercises!

Download the file and do the exercises!

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Read the following contributions. For questions 1–10, choose from the contributors (A–D). The contributors may be chosen more than once.

Which contributor:

1 points out the need for physical fitness? 

2 advises participants not to be affected by early errors? 

3 questions the justification for a negative attitude? 

4 mentions the importance of each spectator’s opinion? 

5 exemplifies how psychology can affect a contest?

6 describes how a challenger can instil uncertainty during a contest? 

7 corrects a mistaken belief? 

8 presents a comparison between two different contest environments? 

9 emphasises the benefit of engaging with the spectators? 

10 suggests that even a negative experience can lead to a need to repeat it? 

Exam Tip - Multiple matching

The wording of the questions will not be the same as the words in the text(s). Underline the key words in the questions – this will help you find the section that contains the answer. You may be looking for a synonym or paraphrased sentence/idea.


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In groups of 4/5 you're going to read all these quotes and say:


2) WHEN (describe the situation in which the quote was said)

3)WHAT IS THE IMPORTANCE OF THIS QUOTE in the novel, of course, you can add your opinion here!

When you are done, you'll upload it to STUDENTS' PRODUCTIONS. (Remember to include the names of ALL the members of the group)

This is the novel you'll read!

Look up these idioms, and write TWO examples of each. Then, we'll relate all these expressions to the novel!


By Axel Carnicelli [+]


Writing excersise [+]

How to create an article



Read the text and write your answers on the form