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Evaluation Rubric

Open the file and read the rubrics for each letter (A-B-C-D) [+]


Watch this movie and complete the Assignment! [+]

Murder Mystery

Watch this movie on Netflix and get ready to answer some questions! [+]



Keys to Assignment 10

Check your answers! =) [+]

Keys to Assignment 9

Check your answers! [+]

Ways of Looking

Click on the link and learn!!! [+]

Keys to Assignment 8

Check your answers! [+]

November 12th

Open the file and get to work! [+]

Assignment 17

Open the file, follow the instructions and upload your productions! [+]

Ready for First- Units 13 and 14

Attached you will find Units 13 and 14. [+]

Ready for First- Unit 12

Attached you will find Unit 12. [+]

Conditionals through songs!

Click on the links and enjoy! [+]

Transformations per topic

Attached you will find a pdf with transformations to practise, divided into different grammar structures. Enjoy! [+]

First Certificate Speaking Exam

Here you will find a link to a video which shows how the assessor goes about the four parts of the speaking exam. Enjoy! [+]