Pay attention to these rules

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These are our rules to follow to pass the year


Let´s discuss together

Alternative conditional forms

Let´s have fun and practise

Reading comprehension

Let's see a sample and practise!


Gold Experience B2 Units 1 and 2

Short Story and after reading activities

Use of English

Let´s play

Wordlist and some practice


Wordlist and some revision

Shuffle the cards and tell us about you

Let´s reflect together



Speaking-- Comparing photos

Short Story and Group Work

Play and practise Suffixes

Play and revise The Present Tenses

Do the exercises in your copybook

Put the sentences in the correct category

Vocabulary on Experiences and feelings

Reading Comprehension and Vocabulary Activities.

Speaking activity. LIVE CLASS

Short Story and after reading activities

Think and Write on the Paddlet

Story and Instructions for after reading activity

Six sentences have been removed. Practise here!

Let's discuss!