Link al grupo.



Reading for pleasure

Choose 1 short story. We´ll discuss it after the recess [+]

The speaking part

Some useful phrases [+]

Practice test 5: R & UoE

Open the file to see the questions. Write your answers in the paper answer sheet [+]

Listening Test 5

Open the file [+]

Tips for writing

Different tasks [+]

Practice test 4: U of E & Reading

Open the file & fill in the form. Time yourself. Deadline: Wednesday 10th. 8 am. [+]

Practice tests

More links to practise [+]

Practice test 4: Listening.

Do the test. Listen to each audio twice. Time yourself [+]

Assignment: Listening test 3

Open the link & fill in the form [+]

Assignment: Practice test 3: Use of English & Reading.

Fill in the form below. Deadline: Sunday June 2nd- 8pm [+]

FCE useful info

Read carefully [+]

Tips for writing

Different tasks [+]

Final revision =)

Different grammar points. Very useful & complete site. [+]


I wish..... Hypothetical situations. -ABLE -IBLE [+]

A story.: Mr Know-all

Let´s read a story and work on it in class [+]

Reported speech

Further practice [+]

Reporting verbs

Theory & practice [+]

Reporting verbs and questions

Read the notes in your book and try the activities suggested [+]

Health- Unit 12

Look at the picture and enter the site. Then, work on the vocabulary exercises below. Finally, see the file [+]

Escape room

Can you escape? [+]