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Use of English and Reading Test#1 Term 2

Wednesday 4th of JULY. Units 4 and 5. Ready for Advanced. [+]

The Pedestrian by Ray Bradbury

Hey, guys! We will soon be working with this short story. [+]


Hello, guys! I welcome you to our course and hope we have a great year! I will be using CAMPUS a lot and so should you. [+]

Last Term Test

MONDAY 3rd of SEPTEMBER Use of English and Reading Units 4 and 5 [+]

Assignment #1 Second Term TASKS

To do when reading the short story. [+]

Assignment #1

This assignment is due 16/05. Start working in class. [+]

Writing Recommendations

Remember that on Thursday the 2nd we are having our writing test. We will write a REVIEW and a TWO APPROACH ESSAY. [+]


For those of you who don't read... that much. [+]


Here you have some material I have summarized for you to understand the PERFECT ASPECT. [+]