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Learning styles

Not everybody learns the same way. Answer the questionnaire and find out which is your learning style! [+]

Revision Unit 1 - Vocabulary

VOCABULARY PRACTICE. First, you have to complete the life events in the text. Then, you have to fill in the gaps with the correct adjective [+]


Here's some exercises for you, guys. The first part is PRESENT TENSES revision ( a telephone conversation, you have to fill in the gaps) and the second part is PAST TENSES revision (an email, you have to choose the correct option) [+]

PET Practice

Here's what I promised =) [+]

Extra practice

Guys, here are the activities to be done in class (and handed in) on Tuesday 20th. There are two parts: some reading comprehension on mobile phones and a writing activity. Please remember to write your names and the number of exercise. If there is a word you don't understand, use an online dictionary to look it up or are good ones =) [+]

Revision Unit 6 - Grammar and Vocabulary

Here´s the revision. Remember to print it, do the exercises and take everything to class on THURSDAY 15th so we can correct the activities. [+]

Practice - Passive Voice

Check out these links to practise Passive Voice [+]

Revision Unit 4 - Grammar and Vocabulary

Here are two files for you to do some revision. Remember we'll be working with them on Tuesday [+]


Agustín Kryss, Iara Lichtensztejn & Yael Scharovsky Zylbersziajn [+]


Ezequiel Di Fonzo- Brian Yavianski- Fauso Peralta- [+]


Tobias Akselrad, Damian Gluk, Tetu, Ian Schvartzman [+]

Tp spain Fifa World Cup

Matias Merkier, Marcos Wendy, Brenda Cacciabue and Gabriel Aran [+]

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