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Attached you will find the power point presentation that I showed you in class, which introduces the subject and the class rules.

This is a picture of the book you are going to use this year! Remember, you will use the second half of it, as from Unit 8 up to 14.

Attached, you will find the best book on grammar practice. Should you have questions about a specific topic or if you need to practise certain structures more than others, this is the material to do so.

This is the video we watched in class. I think it is worth a second look!!!!

The Butterfly Circus

Check your answers!

Here you will find a link to a video which shows how the assessor goes about the four parts of the speaking exam. Enjoy!


Here you will find different links to practice Causative Have (have sth done), and relative clauses (defining and non-defining). Enjoy!

Causative Have 

Causative Have 2

Relative Clauses 

Relative Clauses 2 (transformations) 


Download the file and work on it!

Open the attached file and solve the exercises!

Here you will find more FCE Practice Tests (from 4 to 7, and 10). Test 4 is attached, and the others are in the links below.



Use of English and Reading Test 5              

Use of English and Reading Test 6            

Use of English and Reading Test 7             

Use of English and Reading Test 10


Attached you will find the keys. Enjoy!

Attached you will find the keys to the 5 FCE practice tests I have uploaded.

Attached you will find another practice test. Enjoy!

Read carefully and study!

Read carefully and study!

Attached you will find a new practice test. Enjoy!

Time improve some more!

Time to improve!

Attached you will find the explanations for the topics we have studied in class. Study hard!

It´s high time


Time to improve!





Attached you will find the keys to the booklet.

In the following links you will find the list and the patterns of the reporting verbs we have been studying in class, and more. Study them carefully.

Reporting Verbs 1

Reporting Verbs 2

Reporting Verbs 3

Click on the links and improve on your listening skills!!

Link 1

Link 2 

Link 3

Here you will find the track of the song "Travellin´Man" by Ricky Nelson. Don´t forget to write the lyrics!!!

More links for you to practise! And do not forget, you can also use the Workbook to practise!

First Certificate- Multiple Choice cloze exercises

Impersonal Passive            

Passive Voice- All tenses and forms

Modal Verbs

More Modal Verbs



Click on the links and practise!

Link 1

Link 2

Link 3


Click on the link and learn!!!

Ways of Looking 

Find trasformation exercises related to the topic.

Link 1

Link 2

Attached you will find several Reading Comprehension exercises. Enjoy!

Click on the links and practise!

Link 1

Link 2

Click on the link and do the exercises. Have fun!

Future tenses for First


Attached you will find the keys to the workbook´s exercises.

Mechatro History

Teo Mallia, Matias Leporini y Tomas Korenblit [+]

The Room

Teo Mallia y Martina Valente [+]

Argentinian Traditions

Maia A boudara, Julieta Lopez Becker and Maia Rajchel [+]

tau project

Julieta lopez becker martina valente tobias wainer [+]

Aviation project (Ezequiel Frydman)

Yeah, just me talking about General Aviation. [+]

Why Fortnite?

In this project we will explain how Fortnite can be a powerful resource for children or teens to work on some of their social skills. Presented by Tomás Korenblit, Valentín Bonás and Joaquín Carriquiry. [+]

Jumanji Project

Tomás Korenblit, Jeremias Feferovich and Ezequiel Frydman. [+]

Jumanji Project

Joaquin carriquiry and valentin bonas [+]

Jumanji Project

Ailen Favero and Tobías Wainer [+]

Jumanji Project

Maia and Stefano [+]

Read the instructions carefully and work!!

In groups of no more than 4 people, decide on a topic which is related to the film somehow (artificial intelligence, robotics, remote technology, etc.), and prepare an oral presentation of no more than 20 minutes. 

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask. 

Attached you will find the Movie Guide for you to work on. Also, click on the link to watch the movie at home.

Movie Link