more revision : Grammar

Don´t do exercise 1 Unit 6. It is not included in the test. [+]

Revision Units 5,6

.Don't do exercise 1 Unit 6 as the topic is not included in the test. [+]

Vocabulary Unit 2

Here you have the pictures with the definitions to help you remember the vocabulary seen in class. You can download the file to your devices. [+]

List of irregular verbs

These verbs are irregular. Regular verbs form the past by adding -ED. [+]

Beyond B1+ Word list

.Download the excel worksheet [+]

The Story of Electronics

Designed for the Dump! Watch the video and answer the following questions [+]

Video: The Story of Cosmetics

Watch the video and open the Application Form [+]

Winter Holidays Assignment

Freedom Writers. The movie. Deadline: July 21st [+]

Assignment N2

By: Valeria Tawil 6kc [+]

Assigment N2

Made by Agustina Lewin [+]

assignment N2

Vida alvarez, Brenda Goldstein y Carolina Pipman 6K [+]

Assignment N2

Judith Schlafman and Camila Colton. 6KC [+]

Assignment N2

Agustina Montenegro, Damian Schiojetman and Martina Loureiro 6QA [+]

Assignment N2 Tamara Krestol 6KC

Hecho por Tamara Krestol de 6to construccioes C [+]

Assigment N2

Mastías Hilú, Elain Furman, Rodrigo Tejada [+]

Assignment N2

Teo Monfirni, Alan Kaplan 6KD [+]

Assignment N2

Entrega de Assignment N2 by Santiago Nachman 6KD. [+]

Assignment N2

When Teens Don’t Get Enough Sleep. DEADLINE :  April 19th [+]

Assignment N1 Unit 1

Do the Quiz and then just submit it. Good Luck! [+]