Rolling the Dice in Language

Hey, guys! Check this out. [+]

Vladimir's Fate (Mateo PC)

Vladimir's ENDING New Test [+]

John's Fate (German's PC)

John's ENDING Immediate Release [+]

Mark's fate - (Mauricio's PC)

Mark's Ending. Back to the Lab. [+]

- Fate (Alex PC)

- Ending Immediate Release [+]


READ BEFORE PLAYING. Let me know if I forgot about something relevant. [+]

RPG: Instructions

Hey! Here you have some information on RPG games! We'll be playing a lot, so I strongly encourage you to read and follow this if you want to play with your friends at home! REMEMBER THAT THIS A GAME I HAVE DESIGNED TO ACCOMMODATE TO OUR CIRCUMSTANCES. You may find different RPG games that are more suitable for less players. [+]