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Miércoles 5º Bloque 1201/1R Jesica Bekenstein
Inglés Lunes 4º Bloque 1101ANX/2O Jesica Neisen
Inglés Martes 6º Bloque 1101/7F Jesica Neisen
Inglés Jueves 4º Bloque 4106/1D Jesica Neisen
Inglés Viernes 5º Bloque 1204/1O Jesica Neisen


British council exercises.

Useful Online Dictionary Pages

Here are the links to some online dictionaries which may be helpful to you:

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Remember this ad??

Let's imagine for a moment that an "older you" travelled in time to give a piece of advise to your "present you". What would you tell yourself? Make a video/ audio/ comic, etc and show it to the rest of the class, but first, upload it here!!

Deadline 27th May

Follow the link to practise this tense.