CSE Day - August, 11th

Our living space for the future

NIcolás Kind & Octavio Gutemberg [+]

If I were a Kung fu Panda

Francisco M, Ceferino V [+]

Francesca P, Mai R y Lucas T

The Sleeping Warrior [+]

Ceferino V. - Ami L. - Francisco M:

The power of Human Equality [+]

Octavio G, Nicolás K

Brave: Description [+]

My dad´s car

Sofía R. and Ami L. [+]

Batman origins, theater scene

Aaron S., Martín S. and Maty G. [+]

If I were a Tangled character who would I be?

Group: Mati D. y Lucas T. Person who wrote this: Lucas T. [+]

The Final

Nico K. y Octavio G. [+]

"Meeting my idol"

Belén P. and Juana P. M. [+]

"The 3 civils and the banker"

Julieta W. B. y Matías D. [+]

Living spaces for the future: Te.B.o.F.

Designed by Matías G, Lucas T and Dante B [+]