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Friday, May 21st

Here you have the instructions to continue working on your projects. [+]

Project work: films and series/ best friends

First stage: enter the link and add your comments and photos! [+]


For your information [+]

Practice Test KET October, 7th

Here´s a complete Test with all 7 parts. [+]

Practice for KET mini-test on September 30th

Here you can find activities to practise for the mini-test. [+]

Reading and Writing Parts 1 and 2 (A)

Here´s a part of the Key Exam: Reading and Writing. It´s got 7 parts. You are going to do parts 1 and 2. As you do the exercises, write your answers on a separate answer sheet (paper/ word file), as you prefer. We´ll check these exercises together in class. Let´s get to work!!! [+]

Reading and Writing Parts 3 and 4 (A)

Here you can practise parts 3 and 4 of the Key English Test. Write your answers in a separate sheet of paper/ Word file, so that we can check them in class. [+]

KET speaking: video

Watch the video to know what the oral part is going to be like. We´ll discuss it in class. [+]

KET SPEAKING topics and questions

Here you can see the different topics and questions for the speaking part. Practise your answers using suitable vocabulary and grammar. [+]

UNit 8 SB

Unit 8 student´s book material [+]

Unit 6 SB presentation

Here you can find the activities we work with in class. [+]

Unit 5 SB

Student´s book [+]

Unit 4

Here you can find all the unit 4 material from your student´s book. [+]

Unit 8 Workbook activities

UNit 8 activities from the workbook. [+]

Unit 7 Workbook activities

You can solve them within the Word file. [+]

Unit 6 WB activities

Workbook activities. You can write your answers on this Word file. [+]

Unit 5 WB

Workbook. [+]

Unit 4 wb

Workbook pages unit 4. [+]

Another World (complete book)

Here you can find the whole story. [+]

Present Perfect

Go over the rules and practise. [+]

Future tenses

Presentation, examples and interactive practice [+]

Past Tense

Here you can find grammar explanations and examples [+]

Present Continuous

Here you can find explanations, examples and interactive practice [+]