Past Continuous

Shall we learn a new tense? [+]

Comparatives and Superlatives Revision in class

Shall we see how much you remember? [+]

ESI Project on Healthy Relationships

Let's reflect on Healthy Relationships [+]

Dialogues at Shops

Shall we learn how to buy things? [+]


Tommaso and Greta [+]

Comparatives and Superlatives Practice

Shall we practice Comparatives and Superlatives? [+]

The Grasshopper and the Ants

Shall we listen to an interesting fable? [+]


Shall we revise comparatives? [+]

Explanation of Comparatives and Superlatives

Let's read the rules for comparatives and superlatives [+]

Mixed Tenses Revision June 9th

Shall we go on revising? [+]

Revision on Unit 3 and Tenses

Shall we see how much we know about these topics? [+]