Key Booklet #2 2021

Let's go on practising for the exam [+]

Workbook Unit 3 p.28

Simple Past Questions [+]

Workbook Unit 3 p.28

Simple Past Questions [+]

Workbook Unit 3 p.28

Simple Past Questions [+]


Please watch these videos and download ZOOM in any of your devices for our virtual lessons coming soon!! [+]

Rules to pass the Subject

These are the rules we're going to follow to pass the subject [+]

How to create an article ;)

Whenever you have to create an article, follow these instructions! [+]


Shall we speak and read about free time activities? [+]





Sts Book Unit 8

Reading p.96,97 [+]

Worbook Unit 3 p.27

Shall we practise listening and questions? [+]

Homework for Nov 11th

Shall we revise? [+]

Homework for Nov 4th

Let's go on with our Story and practise speaking! [+]

Homework for November 2nd

Let's Practise Future Forms and Revise Tenses [+]

Revision on Tenses # 1

Shall we practise tenses? [+]

October Revision for PIA

It's easy. You'll do well. [+]

Homework for October 28th

Shall we practise future tense? [+]

Present Perfect Exercises

Shall we practise this tense? [+]

Homework for October 21st

Key Reading and Pres. Perf. Revision [+]

Homework for October 19th

Let´s practise present perfect [+]

Present Perfect

Are you ready to learn a new tense? [+]

Homework for Oct 14th

Shall we revise Unit 5 and Practise Key Writing? [+]

Revision on Tenses

Let's revise Tenses! [+]

Game on Questions

Shall we play? [+]


Welcome back! [+]

Our Booklet

This is the booklet we're going to use to revise [+]

Daily Routines

Let's practise Simple Present [+]

Reading Comprehension

Let's read this paragraph about Mathew's daily routines [+]

Spinning Wheel Game

Shall we revise daily routines? [+]

S. Present vs Pres. Continuous

Shall we revise the difference between these tenses? [+]

Revision of Present Tenses

Shall we revise these tenses? [+]

Vocabulary on Unit 1

Shall we revise vocabulary on Unit 1? [+]

Ket Speaking Video

Watch the video.Then answer the questions in the attached file. [+]

Homework for May 6th

Write a paragraph on Tom's daily routines [+]

Homework for May 13th

Shall we revise? [+]

Homework for May 18th

Let's revise what we learnt in unit 1 [+]

Homework for June 3rd

Shall we revise? [+]

Homework for June 8th

Shall we see how much you remember about S.Pres and Pres. Cont? [+]

Homework for June 17th

Let's go on Revising [+]

Homework for June 22nd

Key Exam Practice [+]

Gender Inclusive Language

An Activity to Reflect [+]

Our Padlet

Our padlet on Gender Inclusive Language [+]

Simple Past

Shall we revise Simple Past? [+]

Verbs in the Past

Let´s play and revise 2 [+]

Homework for June 29th

Let's revise Simple Past [+]

November Revision in class Set 1

Our last Revision in class [+]

November Revision in class Set 2

Our last Revision in class [+]