Theatre is one of the higher cultural activities that mark us as creative, imaginative and truly human. Watching it engages the students on many different levels, visual, auditory, intellectual, mental and emotional. It presents various elements that are enjoyable for all students, regardless of the age group.

Unit 8: Vocabulary: Frenemies

Let's Learn about Relationships! [+]

Unit 7 : Waris Derie: Model and United Nations Ambassador

Unit 7 : Girl's and Women's Rights: Waris Derie: Model and United Nations Ambassador [+]

Unit 7 : Reading: The Power of Half

The Power fo Half:: The real Story! [+]

Unit 7. Vocabulary: Turning Point!

Let's learn words related to money! [+]

Unit 6: Crime Scene: Vocabulary

Let's learn new words! [+]

Unit 5: Adjectives Related To Art

Let's Revise Adjectives! [+]

Unit 5: Street Art: Art Vocabulary

Let's Revise Vocabulary! [+]

Unit 4: Vocabulary - Thinking Ahead - Jobs

Let's Practise our Vocabulary! [+]

Unit 10: Future Visions

Let's Learn New Vocabulary ! [+]

Unit 3: Eyewitness: Noise Verbs

Let's Revise Vocabulary! [+]

Unit 3: Natural Disasters

Let's Revise Vocabulary! [+]

Talent Show!

Upload your videos here! [+]