Our Book

We'll use Beyond A2 this year. [+]

Revision for Final Test #2

Let's go on revising [+]

Welcome back to School!!!

I hope we have a great year together! Let's learn a lot! [+]

Simple Present

Let´s revise Simple Present! [+]

Daily Routines

Let's practise Simple Present [+]

Booklet Teens 2 2019

Let's revise!!! [+]

Wh- Questions

For Simple Present [+]

Revision of Present Tenses

Shall we revise these tenses? [+]

Revision for Test on Units 1 and 2

Shall we revise for the test? [+]

Revision for Test on Units 1-4

Let's see how you do and how much you know. [+]

Revision for Test on Units 1-4 # 2

Let's Revise for the Test [+]

Final Revision before the holidays

Let's revise before the holidays! [+]

Comprehensive Language

An Activity to Reflect [+]


Theatre is one of the higher cultural activities that mark us as creative, imaginative and truly human. Watching it engages the students on many different levels, visual, auditory, intellectual, mental and emotional. It presents various elements that are enjoyable for all students, regardless of the age group. [+]

The Secret of The Stones

Chapters 1,2 and 3. [+]

Simple Past Practice

Shall we revise Simple Past? [+]

A2 Grammar and Vocabulary Book

complete version of the book [+]

Revision for Test on Unit 7

Let's see how much we know about the past [+]

Vocabulary Review Units 7,8

Download the file and bring it please. [+]

Revision for Test on Units 7 and 8

Let's revise for the Test. [+]

Future Tense

Shall we revise future? [+]

Revision for Test on Units 7,8 and 10.

Shall we revise for the test? [+]

Proyecto Integrador

Let's learn about Healthy habits! [+]

Catalina A

My Travel Blog [+]

Eitan L

My Travel blog [+]

Ezequiel H.

My travel blog [+]

julieta A.

My Travel Blog [+]

felipe L

my travel blog [+]

Daniela R

My Travel Blog [+]

Rocco B

My travel blog [+]

Rocco B

My travel blog [+]

iara P.

My travel blog [+]

tomas h.

my travel blog [+]

tomy n

my travel blog [+]

Nicolas L.

My travel blog [+]

Miranda B

My travel blog [+]

Marcos G

My travel blog [+]

santi n.

my travel blog [+]

tomas n and tomy h

dialogue between rolando and carmelo [+]

momas n and tomy h

dialogue between rolando an carmelo [+]

Rocco B. and Eitan L.

Dialogue between Carmelo and Boy [+]

Nicolas L. and Ezequiel H.

Dialogue between the Priest and Locasso [+]