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FCE- Speaking

Useful phrases. [+]

Tips for writing

Different tasks [+]

Reading for pleasure

Choose 1 novel. We´ll discuss it after the recess. (Upper intermediate level) [+]

Practice tests

More links to practise [+]


Writing: Both tasks. For 6/11 [+]

P Test 6- Listening.

Listen to each part twice. Time yourself. For 9/11 [+]

Practice test 7. Use of E. & Reading

Open the file, do the test & write your answers in the form. For 13/11 [+]

Practice test 4: Listening.

Do the test. Listen to each audio twice. Time yourself [+]

Final revision =)

Different grammar points. Very useful & complete site. [+]


Do exercises 2 & 3 (Spotlight) [+]

Make vs do

Remember! [+]

Connectors- Unit 14

Further practice: Look at the chart and enter the links below [+]

Health- Unit 12

Look at the picture and enter the site. Then, work on the vocabulary exercises below. Finally, see the file [+]

Reporting verbs

Theory & practice [+]

Reported speech- Time changes- Revision

Remember this! & Enter the sites suggested [+]

Reporting verbs and questions

Read the notes in your book and try the activities suggested [+]


Look at this chart! Then, do the activity attached and work on the site suggested [+]

The fun they had

by Isaac Asimov- [+]

Ready for ... the term test. Units 8 & 9

Online revision: Polite qu- units 8 & 9 [+]

More paraphrasing

Try these ones! [+]

Unit 8: The future

Watch the video. Let´s speak [+]

Unit 8- Travel broadens your mind

Vocabulary and speaking practice [+]

Unit 8- Life in space.

Pick a talk of your interest & share its content [+]