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KET Booklet 2

Test 4 Listening [+]

KET Booklet 2

TEST 2 - Listening tracks [+]

KET Booklet 2

Test 1 - Listening tracks [+]

KET Writing Practice


Common mistakes at KET

How to avoid mistakes at KET. [+]

KET Paper 3 Speaking VIDEO

Watch these two videos and discuss them with your classmates and teacher. [+]

Present perfect

Even more practice!! [+]

Revision unit 6

Let's work on this file to revise: *conditionals 0 & 1 * should *imperative constructions * vocabulary about the body [+]

Revision of tenses

.For those who want to practise tenses. Here you are [+]

Let's play 20 questions !!!

Is it a vegetable or a fruit? Is it sweet or sour? Is it healty? Do you eat in a salad? Can you cook it? [+]


What's the past of ...? [+]


Here is a link to a very useful dictionary of synonyms and pronounciation. [+]

Winter break Federico Fernandez Soto,Bautista Lollini and Francisco Jaime

Acá te dejo el vídeo de las vacaciones de invierno [+]

Monday, August 7th KET

Dear all, This is your work for this week: KET Practice: Pages 64 to 73 (Open to read the details) [+]

Missing in sidney chapters 4 and 5

Denise Infantino, Abril Geler, Nicole Wachter and Sol Marapode [+]

June, Wednesday 21st

Read Missing in Sydney chapters 5 and 6 and do " Go back to the text" exercises 1,2,3 for both chapters. [+]


Missing in Sydney. Download the story and follow the steps [+]

Revision Units 1 and 2. Grammar

Photocopy 2. Download the file and do the exercises for Monday [+]

Revision Units 1 and 2. Vocabulary

Photocopy 1 Download the file and do the exercises for Monday [+]