Jumanji Project

Attached you will find the Guide for you to work on. Also, find the link to watch the end of the film at home. [+]

Monday 27/11

Click on the links and do the exercises!!!! [+]

Monday 13/11

Click on the links and review! [+]


Watch the video and learn!! [+]

Listening Practice

Click on the links and listen! [+]

Read and complete

Click on the link and work on the tasks! [+]

Working with the past!!!

Click on the activities and practise while having fun!!! [+]

Past Simple Practice

Click on the links and solve the exercises!!!! [+]

Dangerous Journey Video

Here you will find the link to the video we watched in class!!! You can watch it again! [+]

Project Work on Food

Let's revise vocabulary on food! [+]

Revision of Present Tenses

Shall we revise these tenses? [+]

Revision for Test on Units 1-4

Let's revise! Good Luck! [+]

Project Work

Interview to a Famous Person [+]

Simple Present vs Present Continuous

Let's revise these tenses. [+]