On the Move

Exercises and Explanations related to Unit 8! [+]

Extra activities!

Click on the links, please! [+]

The past

Let´s practise! [+]


Here you will find the video we watched in class to find actions in the past :) [+]

Project Work on Food

Let's revise vocabulary on food! [+]

Summary on Maisie and the dolphin

Let's see how much you remember about the story. [+]

Dictogloss Activity

Let's test our memory and revise vocabulary on food [+]

Revision of Present Tenses

Shall we revise these tenses? [+]

Maisie and the Dolphin (Part 2)

Let's go on with the story! [+]

Revision for Test on Units 1-4

Let's revise! Good Luck! [+]

Project Work

Interview to a Famous Person [+]

Simple Present vs Present Continuous

Let's revise these tenses. [+]

Daily Routines

Let's practise Simple Present [+]

Booklet Teens 2 2016

Let's revise!!! [+]

Shall we revise?

Download the file and do the exercises.