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Listen to the story and asnwer the questions.

1. In what grade is Melissa? 
2. In what grade is Bill? 
3. Who is older, Bill or Melissa?
4. What doesn't Melissa like to do in the morning? 
5. How long does it take for Melissa and Bill to walk to the school bus stop? 
6. Where does Bill like to sit on the school bus? 
7. What can Melissa do very well? 
8. How many days a week does Melissa take ballet lessons? 
9. Why can't Melissa sing very well? 
10. What can Bill do perfectly? 
11. What does Bill love for his teacher to do in class? 
12. What can't Bill do very well yet?

I leave you some links to webpages where you can practice this tense.

Late September

Late September

Late Septermber, Early October

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Click on this link and play the game. I hope you enjoy it!

Use of English Simple Present

1.Fill in the gaps with the correct form of the verbs in brackets.


Maria 1.(be) __________ from Spain. She 2. (have) __________ got one sister, but she (not have) __________ got any brothers. She 3.(live) __________ in Toledo. Toledo 4.(not be) __________ a big city like Madrid, but it is beautiful. Maria and her sister 5.(have) __________ got a small room. They 6.(not have) __________ got a computer in their room, so they 7.(use) __________ the computer in the living room. Maria 8.(like) __________ reading and writing, but she 9.(not like) __________ school. Their parents 10.(work) __________ at a clothes shop, so they 11. (not be) __________ at home during the day. Fortunately, they 12.(not work) __________ on Saturdays or Sundays, so they 13.(be) __________all together at weekends. Maria is only fourteen years old, so she (not work) ___________ with her parents, but she sometimes 14.(go) __________ to their shop. When Maria and her sister are at home, they 15.(watch) __________ television or 16.(study) __________. Weekends are Maria's favourite because she 17.(not go) __________ to school, and her parents 18.(not go) __________ to work.


2. Now ask five  questions to the underline words


Reading Comprehension

My Garden

Read about the author's garden.

This is my garden. It's very big and also very wide. On one side, there is the McDonald family and on the other side, there is the Korfman family. I like both my neighbors.

There is a lot of grass in my garden. Now, it's September and the grass is long and thick. I also have three trees in the garden. There is a young lemon tree which is very small. It doesn't have any fruit, maybe next year! Then, there is a peach tree. There aren't many peaches this year because of the cold weather in April and May. The third tree is an apple tree. Apples always grow well in this area and the tree is full of big green apples. Tomorrow, I want to make a big apple pie.

There are two animals in the garden at the moment. Max is my Rottweiler dog. Many people think Rottweilers are dangerous, but Max is very friendly and everybody loves him. He's 4 years old. Playing with Max is Hector, our beautiful white cat. He's nearly ten years old.

There are many other colors in my summer garden. In December when it's cold and gray, it's not a very happy place, but now in September, it's wonderful. There are the red roses and we have other flowers that are green and yellow.

There is a large tent in the middle of the grass, a huge purple tent. That's because my brother, Luke, likes camping but my mother doesn't want him to go camping - only in the garden! So he sleeps in the purple tent. Luke is only eight years old, so I think my mother is right. Camping in the garden is safe for an eight year old.


y Garden - Sentence Completion

Use ONE word to complete each sentence about the "My Garden" reading.

1.    The McDonalds and the Korfmans are the names of his ______.

2.    There are ______ trees in the garden.

3.    There is a small ______ tree in the garden.

4.    The color of the apples is ______.

5.    Max is the Rottweiler and he's very friendly and not ______.

6.    There is also a white ______ in the garden.

7.    There are green, red and yellow ______ in the garden.

8.    Luke must stay in the garden because he's too ______ to go camping.


Shall we revise Simple Past having fun?


Assignment 2


Miércoles 5º Bloque 1201/1R Jesica Bekenstein
Inglés Lunes 4º Bloque 1101ANX/2O Jesica Neisen
Inglés Martes 6º Bloque 1101/7F Jesica Neisen
Inglés Jueves 4º Bloque 4106/1D Jesica Neisen
Inglés Viernes 5º Bloque 1204/1O Jesica Neisen





Watch the video and write about Mr Bean's routine.


Have and Has got

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Adverbs of frequency

Extra Listening ! Complete with the missing word.

Extra listening ii. Complete with the missing word.

Extra listening. Fill in the blanks.

Listen to six different people and choose the correct option.

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