READ BEFORE PLAYING. Let me know if I forgot about something relevant.

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RPG: Instructions

Hey! Here you have some information on RPG games! We'll be playing a lot, so I strongly encourage you to read and follow this if you want to play with your friends at home! REMEMBER THAT THIS A GAME I HAVE DESIGNED TO ACCOMMODATE TO OUR CIRCUMSTANCES. You may find different RPG games that are more suitable for less players.

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Dirk gently's Holistic Detective Agency Assignment #5


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Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency ASSIGNMENT#1

The first stage of our project. Due to Friday the 23rd of June.

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Assignment #1 To hand in: 18/05/17 (The Story-teller)

Guys, I give you in advance the general linings of our first Assignment based on Saki's Story-teller. We will discuss this short story when we come back from the EASTER/PASSOVER recess. Anyway, you can start working on it whenever you want.

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