Santiago's Fate (Manuel PC)

Santiago's Ending Back to Prison

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Here's the key for the exercises we've dealt with in class.

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FCE Writings!


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New Character Sheet!

Hey, guys! I have uploaded a new character sheet for you to have a fresh clean version of your characters to play tomorrow! Don't worry, I have some to hand in today!

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Dirk gently's Holistic Detective Agency (by Douglas Adams)

What do a dead cat, a computer whiz-kid, an Electric Monk who believes the world is pink, quantum mechanics, a Chronologist over 200 years old, Samuel Taylor Coleridge (poet), and pizza have in common? Apparently not much; until Dirk Gently, self-styled private investigator, sets out to prove the fundamental interconnectedness of all things by solving a mysterious murder, assisting a mysterious professor, unravelling a mysterious mystery, and eating a lot of pizza – not to mention saving the entire human race from extinction along the way (at no extra charge).

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Here's the difference! Check it out when Reading The Story-teller by Saki!

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Useful Linkers for Essay Writing


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Useful Tips for Writing Formal and Informal Letters

Guys, I have uploaded a cool summary for you to remember how to write LETTERS. We'll see this in class today.

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Hogwarts' Houses Description

In which of these four houses do you think you belong?

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The Story-teller by Saki

Hey, guys! I have uploaded this fantastic short story by Saki. We will be working with it when we come back from the Passover recess. You can start reading it!!!

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