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November, Tuesday 15th: PET Booklet 2 AUDIO MATERIAL

Extra practice booklet PET N#2 August 2013" booklet TEST 1 >> READING AND WRITING PARTS. and as homework for Friday, TEST 1 Listening parts 1,2,3,4.

Modificado: 21/11/2016

November, Wednesday 9th : Pet Practice Test #2. Reading and writing sections

Download the file and work on TEST N#2 Do the exercises on your binders/folders. Thank you!!

Modificado: 8/11/2016

Tuesday 8th: PET Practice

Download the File and work on: Test N#1 reading and writing section. Please behave and be good students. :)

Modificado: 8/11/2016

present perfect or past simple


Modificado: 25/09/2016

Conditionals revision

zero, first, second

Modificado: 25/09/2016