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18 de octubre

eitan ergas

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homework for october 18

ivo cohen arazi

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homework for 18/10 presnt perfect

1- I have seen three police cars this morning. 2- After he arrived home, he unpacked and went to bed early. 3- A: What’s wrong? B: I’ve broken a glass! 4- My grandparents only knew each other for a few months before they got married. 5-I have been in London for three years. I love it here. 6- We saw Julie last night. 7- He was a teacher before he became a musician. 8- When the boss walked into the room, we knew someone was going to get fired. 9-The children broke a window in the school last week. 10- He saw that film last year. 11- Lucy has broken her leg, so she cant come skiing. 12- Julie’s arrived 13- They were cold when they arrived home. 14-Jack broke his arm when he

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Present Perfect or Past Simple 2

De Mauricio Muñoz Rodrigo

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tarea 18 de octubre

Yoel Setton

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