Gabriel Schlafman 4iA

It should be started from there the situation of the gardens and parks in the city with the intention of make  say it  recommendations and improvements

There are About 15 Parks and Gardens   numbers in letters and be careful with the Capital letters and the people of the  town people or people who live in town  town enjoy this places, not comma. Stop. the kids play football and the adults spend time with their children, the cleaning of the parks and gardens is done at four o’clock,every day we are not making many Works  this is not the right word to use because of the shorted Budget. capital letters

Unfortunately, we have had some cases of insecurity in  during the last months, that is probably caused for the lack of police officers as a consequence of the curt budget. Not the right word

Dear mayor, we would like to have more works to improve the quality of the parks and gardens and if we add more police, the problems with parks and gardens would be solved but for this to happen we do not need only budget, we also need dedication and good planning, thanks you for your attention mayor

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