Tadeo Caputo

Cinemas in Buenos Aires

With this report I will try to describe what our city offers in terms of cinemas. Also, I will try to give my opinion as well as recommendation to improve these facilities.

So, our city has a lot of them. According the public information there are 57 cinemas distributed in the city. All of these are in great condition and has many visitors every day. Also, all the cinemas in the city counts with more than just one screen and a lot of choice in terms of films. Knowing all these, we can say that the cinemas in Buenos Aires are incredible.

This area is increasing every year with bigger screen, more comfortable seats and introducing the brand new 4D technology. The only recommendation I will give is that the cinemas could have better prices. And I not mean only with the ticket price, I’m talking about the candy shop. I know all prices are increasing these last years, but cinemas are overpricing a lot of the candies. That needs to be fixed. Thanks for reading this.


Fecha: 7/8/2018 | Creado por: Tadeo
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