Grammar: Defining and non-defining relative clauses
Choose the correct answers.

  1. I can't remember the name of the café [that / where] we first met.
  2. Peter Fleming, [who / whose] brother wrote the James Bond stories, was famous as an adventurer and explorer.
  3. Could the person [whose / who his] car is blocking the main entrance please move it?
  4.  Can you remember the name of the actor [which / who] played the main role in that film?
  5. The house, [which / that] was in a terrible state, was supposed to be haunted.
  6. There is a problem with my laptop [which / where] makes it get stuck sometimes.
  7. The student [whose / who her] essay got the highest marks was asked to read it out to the class.
  8.  I'm training to be an electrician, [that / which] is difficult but very interesting.
  9. My aunt, [who / which] has a serious illness, doesn't go out very often.
  10. We're visiting New England, [whose / where] my parents were both born.

Correct the underlined mistakes. Leave out the relative pronoun where possible.

  1. My friends don't really like the films where I watch.
  2. My house, that it was the first one to be built, is at the end of the street.
  3. My cousin is a director that works on documentary films.
  4. I prefer living in the city, that you can always find something to do.
  5. In the next village, which accommodation is a lot cheaper, people rely on the local bus to get into town.
  6. Will works for a company that it makes parts for computers.
  7. The main character, who he was played by Robert Pattinson, was called Edward Cullen.
  8. The film who we saw on Friday was the best I've seen.
  9. People are always commenting on the clothes where I wear. They usually say nice things but not always!
  10. I wanted to learn Greek but my friends persuaded me to learn Italian, that is much easier.
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