Grammar point 1: Futures review
Choose the correct answers.

  1. 'It's cold.' 'I'll [close / closing] the window.'
  2. [Are you going / You are going] to Brazil again next year?
  3. It's raining so they [likely / probably] won't play the match today.
  4. My grandma is not sure she [is going / will be] able to visit us this summer.
  5. Our team [is playing / will play] a match at 10 o'clock this Sunday. Don't miss it!
  6. I won't be late tomorrow. I promise [I'll go / I'm going] to bed early tonight.
  7. Her leg is broken, I'm afraid. She won't [be able to / can] walk for a few weeks.
  8. The bus [leaves / leaving] for London at eight o'clock in the morning.
  9. Are you [likely / probable] to want anything to eat when you come home?
  10. [It will probably / Probably it will] rain later, so take an umbrella with you.


Grammar point 1: Futures review
Complete the sentences with the correct future form of the verbs in brackets. Use short forms where possible. More than one answer is sometimes possible.

  1. Are ______________________________ this phone number or do you want to write it down? (you / likely / remember)
  2. Your teacher ______________________________ you a good grade for that essay. (likely / give)
  3. ______________________________ out on Friday. I want to make sure I get a copy. (that magazine / come)
  4. ______________________________ the Eiffel Tower when we go to Paris. (we / definitely / visit)
  5. 'Someone's hurt! Help! Quick!' '______________________________ an ambulance.' (I / call)
  6. Dad ______________________________ angry about the damage to the car, but you still have to tell him. (definitely / be)
  7. Hurry up! The plane ______________________________ in 40 minutes! (take off)
  8. Do you think ______________________________ people to Mars in your lifetime? (they / likely / send)
  9. ______________________________ at six o'clock tomorrow, not ten past. Don't be late. (the class / start)
  10. ______________________________ late for your guitar lesson if you don't leave now. (you / be)


Grammar point 2: Future continuous and future perfect.
Choose the correct answers.

  1. Christina will have [finishing / finished] studying by this time next year.
  2. We'll [be / have] finished the project by lunchtime.
  3. Do you think we'll [have had / be having] holidays on the Moon in 20 years' time?
  4. How many tourists do you think will have [travelled / travelling] to your country by the end of this year?
  5. I can't have a guitar lesson then. I'll [have had / be having] an English lesson.
  6. Will you [be completely finishing / have completely finished] if I come to your house at seven?
  7. Where [you'll / will you] be staying when you go to Italy?
  8. [We'll be / We'll have] travelling to Argentina this time next week.
  9. Will you have [cut / cutting] the grass by the weekend?
  10. Don't worry. The bad weather will have [ending / ended] by the time we get there.


Grammar point 2: Future continuous and future perfect
Complete the sentences with the correct future continuous or the future perfect form of
the verbs in brackets. Use short forms where possible. More than one answer is sometimes possible.

  1. The party ______________________________ by the time you get there. (finish)
  2. Three o'clock? That's impossible! ______________________________ write the poem by then! (I / not / be able to)
  3. The sun will ______________________________ down soon. (go)
  4. I love going home after the cleaner's been. The house ______________________________ from top to bottom! (be cleaned)
  5. ______________________________ anywhere at the weekend? Have you made any plans? (you / go)
  6. By the time you move to this area, the new shopping centre ______________________________. (be completed)
  7. Shall I come back in an hour? ______________________________ time to look at my ideas? (you / have)
  8. In the year 2050, do you think people will still ______________________________ at home? (cook)
  9. I won't ______________________________ by five. I need more time! (finish)
  10. Call me anytime before midnight. ______________________________. (I / not / sleep)


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