Unit 4: Vocabulary: Jobs
Complete the words with the missing words.

1. _______________ had three days to put all the wires and electrical sockets into the new building.

2. The manager asked the ___________ to suggest ways of saving money.

3. A _____________ made our new kitchen cupboards because we didn't like the ones we saw in the shops.

4. The _____________ has done a wonderful job of cutting and shaping the trees.

5. The new _______ _________ attracted a lot of customers by lowering the prices she charged for manicures.

6. The toilets flooded again at school so the __________ had to come and fix them.

7. The ________ ___________ spent hours getting ready for the concert on Saturday night.

8. My parents asked a __________ friend of ours to make a wooden table and chairs for our garden.

9. __________ _________ are specially trained to calm people down if they are afraid of flying.

10. Penny is an amazing _______ _________. I think it helps that she really loves animals.


Vocabulary:Film jobs
Choose the best answers.

1. [Stunt doubles / Producers] are used a lot in adventure films so the actors don't risk getting hurt.

2. It is the job of the film [editor / producer] to choose which scenes are included in the final film.

3. [Caterers / Dialogue coaches] fed the film crew and actors because there were so many of them.

4.Members of the crowd were all [make-up artists / extras] in the film.

5. The film [stunt double / director] gave everyone instructions on set.

6. The [cinematographer / extra] called the camera and lighting crews together to tell them his plan.

7. As he was an English actor playing the part of an American, he had to work closely with a [stunt double / dialogue coach].

8. Alex, the [dialogue coach / gaffer], helped the main character with his accent and speech.

9. The [costume designer / editor] spent three months researching the clothes people used to wear in the 1800s.

10. The [cinematographer / best boy] on a film is sometimes known as the director of photography, or DOP.


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