1. Tom hanks’ carácter was chosen to be Abel’s lawyer because the people who contacted him tought he was going to lose the trial. That way Abel would be punished.


  1. Abel asked them to claen his palette and paintings so he could wrap the paper that he was hiding.


  1. They offered him a work and some money to make him talk.


  1. He discusses the evidence gathered against Rudolf Abel because he thinks he does not deserve the punishment that he was going to have. Because of that, the court reacts in a bad way, sentencing Abel to death.


  1. Yes, the judge has biases before Abel’s case. He thinks that Abel is a Soviet spy and that he betrayed the United States.


  1. I think James Donovan made the trial fair because he accomplished what he was looking for. That was that Abel doesn’t ends up dead.


  1. People were in dissagriment, you can see that in the scene after the trial where all the persons in the train were looking bad at James.



  1. James’ family were not agree with him helping Rudolf. After the trial there is a scene were one of James’ kids was watching TV and suddently shots start coming in the house shotten from a car from the Street.


  1. There was hidden a Little niddle with poison that they had to inyect in case that they were captured by the russians.


  1.  Powers had to stay for ten years in the country. Three of them in jail an the rest under survillance.


  1. People was afraid and in a scene you can see that 2 persons try to climb up the Wall, but when they touched the floor the got shot by the guards.


  1. At the soviet prisión the tortured Powers by not letting him sleep so he answers the questions that they were asking him to get information.


  1. They see how 2 persons try to clumb the Wall and how they get shot trying to.


  1. The United States were concerned beacuse the American prisioners were hold at 2 different states. The Soviet Union was worried because the thought that the person who the States gave them wasn’t Abel.


  1. They released Pryor on Checkpoint Charlie.




  1. James was concerned about what the soviets could do to Abel. Abel says that there were 2 options. One of them was that they would hug him and give him a nice welcome (nice) or they would jist show him the back sit of the car (not nice).


  1. Yes, the prisioner Exchange was successfully because they released the 2 prisioners in Exchange of Abel, just like James wanted since the begining.


  1. No, he wasn’t recognized as a Soviet spy, but just as a citizen of Germany.
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