Paraphrasing - Comparing.




Paraphrasing- Pre fce Units 1-3

1. I still find it strange to drive on the left         USED

I still _________________________ on the left


2. I can´t wait to talk to you again   LOOKING

I´m_________________________ to you again

3. He never talks to me politely     ALWAYS

He _____________________ to me

4. I hope you don´t shout anymore   STOP

I hope __________________

5. I find going to the cinema interesting   KEEN

I´m __________________ to the cinema

6. I think I´ll buy a new car   CONSIDERING

I´m ______________________ a new car

7. “I´ll take you to the park!”, mum told me    PROMISED

Mum____________________ to the park

8. The match was far worse that I expected    NEARLY

The match was ____________________ I expected

9. Jenny doesn´t have quite as much experience as Lucy        SLIGHTLY

Lucy has __________________________ than Jenny

10. I´ve never heard such a boring song         Interesting

This is ___________________ I´ve ever heard!


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