The Tell Tale Heart


  1. Go to this link


- Click on a word you already know.

  • What different ideas can you write using those words??

2- Click on a word you don’t know.

  • How many results does google show?
  • What does it mean?

3- Make a list of five of the big words.

  • Write a poem using each word in a line (the big word should look bigger).
  • Read your poem pronouncing the big word really loud.
  • Read your poem pronouncing the big word really low.



  1. Forget about LOVE,  focus on HORROR

Have a look at the words that appear on the Word Cloud, Think about a horror story and write one in groups of three. Pay attention to your grammar, tenses, layout and punctuation.


Your story should be written in the file I’m sending you.


  1. Use File number 2  and search in the internet photos connected to your story and make your horror album based on the story you’ve written.


  1. Use the file on the twenty questions and write questions about the story you’ve read. Questions that make the other students think of an answer.


  1. After discussing the story and watching the film, create a comic about part of the story:

  1. Generate a crossword puzzle for your mates to solve it in class:


  1. Search in the internet some interesting information about Edgar Alan Poe and present your findings to the class.
  3. Use this link and design the cover of an old magazine giving some information about Edgar Allan Poe

























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