1.- Sentence transformation. Rewrite the following sentences using the words given.

  1. It´s obvious he didn´t hit his classmate on purpose. MEAN

             He obviously _____ ____________________________ his classmate

  1. Are you the headmaster?    WHETHER

I was wondering__________________________________________ the head master.

  1. My boss said that I couldn’t take the files home.     LET

My boss refused __________________________________________ the files home.

  1. I have to dance when I hear that song.    HELP

I ___________________________________________ when I hear that song.

  1. Driving this new car still isn’t easy for me. GET

            I can’t __________________________________this new car.

  1. She never finds it difficult to get up early in the morning.      USED

She __________________________________________ early in the morning

         7)     Jack doesn´t want to go out tonight.   FEEL

          Jack doesn´t ______________________________________out tonight

      8) What does he do when he is alone?     WONDER

             I _______________________________ when he is alone.

      9) Did you pay that bill? REMEMBER

            Do__________________________________.that bill?

       10) I almost always go to the cinema on Sunday night.     EVER

            I ____________________________ home on a Sunday night.

11.I need to wash this towel.     NEEDS

This towel __________________________________________

12.Don´t make so much noise. STOP

____________________ so much noise

13“Let’s go swimming”, Jessie said.    SUGGESTED

Jessie __________________________________________

14When I was a child I used to go to Mar del Plata.     WOULD

When I was a child __________________________________________

15I hate it when I don`t feel well  STAND

I can´t ___________________________________________________

16They’ve decided not to go away on holiday this summer because they don’t have enough money.  AFFORD

They __________________________________________ away for their holidays.

17Where are you going?     TELL

Could you   __________________________________________, please?

     18What does he do for a living?     WONDER

             I _______________________________ for a living.

   19  The idea of waiting for five hours at the airport does not appeal to me. KEEN

             I´m not _____________________________________________________ waiting for five hours at the airport


           20  I almost always go out on Saturday night.     EVER

            I ____________________________ home on a Saturday night.


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