A day out shopping



Complete the second sentence so that it means the same as the first, using no more than three words.



1 My friend and I took the bus to town last week.

My friend and I went to town ------------ last week.


2 My friend forgot to bring her purse.

My friend didn't ----------- bring her purse.


3 She asked me how much money I had in my purse.

She asked me,"How much money --------------- in your purse?"


4 First we went into a shop called The Blue Banana.

First we went into a shop ----------- name was The Blue Banana.


5 We couldn't afford the clothes in The Blue Banana.

The clothes in The Blue Banana were ---------- for us.


6 We bought nothing in The Blue Banana.

We didn't -------- in The Blue Banana.


7 The shop next door is owned by my mother's friend.

My mother's friend ----------- the shop next door.


8 Although she showed me lots of clothes, I couldn't choose.

She showed me lots of clothes ----------- I couldn't choose.


9 We said, "If we don't hurry, we'll miss the bus".

We said, "Unless ---------------- we'll miss the bus".


10 We had such a tiring day we fell asleep on the bus.

We were so ---------- we fell asleep on the bus.

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