Let's Revise Vocabulary!

Sound Verbs:

1) Bang: [INTRANSITIVE/TRANSITIVE]  to hit something hardmaking a loudnoise

banged on the window to get her attention.

We could hear them banging their drums in the next street.

bang something on/against something

She banged her fists on the back of his seat

2)Burst: [INTRANSITIVE/TRANSITIVE]  if something filled with air or water bursts, or if you burst it, it breaks suddenly because there is too much pressureinside it or against it

Did a tyre burst?

dam burst, causing severe flooding.

She spitefully burst the little .boy’s balloon.

3)Crash: [INTRANSITIVE/TRANSITIVE] to hitsomething hardmaking a loud noiseand often causing damage

crash against/into/through/to:  

ball came crashing through the window.

The wind howled and the waves crashed against the rocks.

crash to the floor/ground: 

As Kelly saw him, the tray she was carryingcrashed to the floor.

crash something against/into something: 

He lifted his foot and crashed it into the door.

4) Explode: [INTRANSITIVE] to burst with a lot of force and a loud noise

Bombs were exploding all over the city.

5) Groan: [INTRANSITIVE] to make a long low sound, for example because you are in pain or unhappy

6) Roar: [TRANSITIVE] to say something in a louddeepangry voice

‘Come here at once,’ he roared.

7) Scream: [INTRANSITIVE] to make a loud high cry because you are hurtfrightened, or excited

She opened her mouth to scream.

scream with: 

They had their arms in the air and were screaming with delight.

scream in: 

We could hear the passengers screaming in terror

8) Sigh:[INTRANSITIVE] to breathe out slowly making a long soft soundespecially because you are disappointedtiredannoyed, or relaxed

sigh heavily/wearily/deeply

Jan sighed heavily and shook her head.

sigh happily/contentedly

Sighing contentedly, Beth settled down in her comfortable chair.

sigh with relief/satisfaction/regret etc

Doug heard him sigh softly with relief.

9)Slam: [TRANSITIVE]  to shut a door or a lid with great force so that it makesloud noise, often because you are angry

He ran from the roomslamming the door behind him.

slam the door shut: 

She slammed the door shut in his face

10) Smash: [TRANSITIVE] to break something noisily into many pieces by dropping or hitting it with a lot of force

Someone had smashed a window.

11) Whisper: [INTRANSITIVE/TRANSITIVE]  to say something very quietly so that other people cannot hear you

Stop whispering, you two!

‘When can I see you again?’ he whispered softly.

‘Over here!’ she whispered urgently.

whisper (something) to someone: 

Dad whispered a warning to us to keep quiet.

whisper (something) in someone’s ear: 

‘That’s Tim,’ she whispered in my ear.

12) Yell:to say something in a loud voice, or to make a loud noise because you are angryafraidexcited, or in pain

Watch out,’ Victor yelled.

yell at: 

Her husband was yelling at her.


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