Mark's Ending. Back to the Lab.


The subject has been struggling throughout the entire test. Dr. Benyakar thought he would be fit for further examination due to this being his SECOND trial, however, experts advise that the subject should be contained forever and no further tests should have him as participant.

Inmate 0012 has failed to recognize his crimes and ill-doing, even though he is fully aware of them. When confronted with the massacre of Flawn's Stadium, the subject avoided the questioning and started singing the National Anthem of Sierra Leona. Being a prominent schollar, Dr. Benyakar wants to keep examining him and studying the subject. Expersts advise otherwise.

Because he has been part of this proyect twice, the State has released his tutorship over the subject and now the Mental Madness Organization owns him fully.

Dr. Benyakar is eager to resume her experiment. The subject has been submitted for brain surgery in a month from now.

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