Luke's ENDING Immediate Release

INMATE 002 - Luke

The subject has proven himself worthy of trust and reliance. He has successfully led his companions towards the Final Test even though he panicked at the baby in the last room. This sign of sheer fear has showed that he has recollection of what he did and is remorseful. He skillfully passed the Final Test and every diagnosis further on. He has remembered everything and confessed his tampering with evidence in the hospital to prevent the authorities from knowing that he had killed several terminal patients.

Dr. Benyakar has been having frequent sessions with him and has recommended his immediate release. According to the expert, inmate 002 is ready to face the repercussions of his crimes and to be reinserted in society. However, regular checks must be enforced on him periodically as well as written reports.

Good luck, inmate 002.

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