Laura's Ending Isolation Room

INMATE 006 - Laura

The subject has proven somewhat dilligent and kind, always choosing non-violent methods of conflict solving. She has successully led her companions towards the Final Test but, paradoxically, could not pass it herself. She was too concern with the thought of retrieving something for a ghost and could not think about her own actions. She apparently decided to forget her crimes, especially, the tragic mugging in Downby Street, where she stabbed four teenagers just to get to their wallets.

The subject has been reduced and taken back to her cell, however, further problems with her cell companion had her taken into the Isolation Room. Dr. Benyakar claims she is not ready to leave nor will she ever be if she doesn't confess her crimes and shows a deep understanding of human emotions instead of relating to imaginary ghosts.

The Isolation Room is hers for now.

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