- Ending Prison fight

INMATE 001 -

The subject has proven himself worthy of difficult tasks, however, he seemed to have been losing his energy towards the last examinations. Having seen himself through the window marked the beginning of his mental and physical collapse. He erased all memories of having poisoned his family and started claiming that the other inmates were Russian spies. The other inmates reacted badly to his accusations and started a fight during lunchtime.

The subject fought against ten inmates and managed to kill three. The others hit him and the guards had to carry him back to his cell. The inmate has decided to only speak Russian from now on so he can lure further spies and take them out. Dr. Benyakar is not sure about what to do with him. Further isolation might not be the proper course of action. However, he cannot be put in a group cell.

We are awaiting for instructions. In the meantime, the inmate has been taken to the nursery room, where he says all the Russians are hiding.

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