Emma's ENDING Probation


The subject showed some abilities in solving puzzles, however, she was always led by the other inmates at one point or another and she found it extremely easy to trust people. She hesitated when taking important decisions, but she was able to think individually in the Final Test, which was not excellent, but a barely pass. She seems to have recovered from some of her memory loss and she remembers the car accident. Although, she has no recollection of having abandoned the dying couple in that car.

Dr. Benyakar suggests immediate following treatment to chech if she is absolutely ready to be released. Some scientists argue that inmate 007 might be acting upon the whole situation and recommend strict confination until some further tests reveal her true intentions. Nevertheless, Dr. Benyakar has signed her releasement form and will see her leave the facilities one month from now.

Lets hope the doctor is right on this one.

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