Elizabeth's ENDING Back to Prison Forever


The subject has showed carefully thinking and acting, as well as courage when engaging difficult situations. However, she has frozen during the Final Test and was unable to act upon the information that she had collected. During the different evaluations, she understood that her companions were mistrusting and probably guilty of something, but she could not remember her own crimes. She has erased the murder of her neighbours completely from her mind, including that crying baby.

When she was captured by the guards and taken back to her cell, she kept yelling "DON'T TRUST ANYONE! DON'T TRUST THEM! WHERE IS THE BABY?"

She has not proven herself ready for release. Dr. Benyakar claims that her inability to remember her own crimes has created an internal fantasy in her brain and now she believes she has lost a baby. She is not ready to leave prison. According to Dr. Benyakar, she will not participate in any further experiments.


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