Santiago's Ending Back to Prison


The subject started off really well during the psychological tests. He solved nearly every puzzle before him and he acted calmly and logically. He showed signs of distrust towards the other inmates during the Last Test, probably due to his mistrusting and violent nature. He started attacking the other inmates as he yelled: "YOU ARE ALL GUILTY! I AM INNOCENT! I AM THE ONLY ONE IN THE PAINTINGS!"

He was captured by the guards and dragged back to his cell. He seemed to have forgotten about the violent episode he had 5 years ago, when he was fighting the MMA championship against the young promise of Jiu Jitsu, Kaiel Freiro. He has no recollection about having killed the young fighter in a delussional episode of sheer violence and blood.

Our experiment has failed. He is not ready to leave prison. According to Dr. Benyakar, he stills has at least 5 years of punishment before we can try another experiment on him.

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