Let's Learn about The Beatles!

In groups of  four , answer the following questions:



  1. What are the names of The Beatles?

  2. - Where are they from?

  3. - What do you know about Liverpool?

  4. - Which instruments did they play?

  5. - Do you know what happened in Europe (and England, in this case) during the Second World War?

  6. - What movies did The Beatles make?

  7. - What is your favourite Beatle song?

  8. Who were Stuart Sutcliff and Pete Best?

  9.  Place of origin (Liverpool, The Cavern)

  10.  The Hamburg days

  11. - Their filmography

  12. - Worldwide tours (countries/cities visited by the band)

  13. - Pop art: characteristics, artists, icons

  14. - Different campaigns in which The Beatles took part (Peace,Vegetarianism, Charity Concerts)

  15. What is Pop Art?

  16. - What was fashion like during the 60`s?

​​​​​Include pictures or videos in your answers.


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