READ BEFORE PLAYING. Let me know if I forgot about something relevant.

PARTIES by PCs (playable characters)

1) Ale and Ramiro

After having decided to split the party of four (including Naty's and Lucas' characters) because you chose to walk the BLUE path in the corridor, you encounter some sort of ghost-like figure. Ale's character valiently addresses the figure and promiseds to help her recover something she has lost. Ale's character thinks it has something to do with the skin she has peeled off from the painting in the previous room, so she shows it to the figure. It is the worst thing she could have done. Now the ghost-like presence seems to think Ale's character is involved in the murder of a close one. 

'Murderer!', she yells. 


2) Mica, Tobías and Mauricio

After taking the BLUE path in the corridor, the characters encounter a crying, fragile figure. When they address the presence and try to sooth her, they fail to reach her emotions. Tobias' and Mauricio's characters are, all of a sudden, paralized in the middle of the corridor. Thanks to Mica's character intervention, she promises the figure to help her recover something she has lost and calms her down. The figure releases Tobias and Mauricio and leaves peacefully. 


3) Manuel and Mateo

After having taken the RED path in the corridor, they come to an empty hallway and reach yet another door. They enter a new room which is dominated by the presence of an enormous piano. There are some shelves and furniture, but nothing draws their attention more than the piano in the middle of the room. Mateo's character seems to have been overtaken by inspiration and begins playing a tune which, in Manuel's character's opinion, sounds strangely beautifully. Manuel's character searches the room and finds a piece of music inside one of the drawers. Mateo's character starts performing the piece and seems possessed by an insanely talented pianoman. Manuel's character starts to worry. Something seems odd with Mateo's character. At last, they are able to leave the room when Mateo's character finishes playing the tune Manuel's character gave him. 


4) More and German

After taking their turns to practically destroy the floor in the previous room, they both fall into another room: a kitchen. They inspect everything around them and German's character is suddenly starving. At first, he is not sure about eating the food but his hunger overtakes him and he devoures some chocolate icecream. More's character joins him. Now that they are full, they realize that there is a strange scale in the middle of the table. One of the plates is slightly heavier than the other one, so More's character tries to find an apple to fit the exact weight. She finds one, but it is not the right weight. They keep looking. 


5) Lucas and Naty

After having split from their companions because they wanted to take the RED path in the corridor, Lucas' and Naty's characters walk an empty hallway towards another door. It is a new room, with a giant piano in the centre of the room. Lucas' character begins to play and he is not to shabby, but he is no talented musician either. They search the shelves and the drawers for clues and find a piece of music. They realize that they are trapped in another room once again. When will someone tell them what is going on???

6) Gonzalo, Maia and Melisa







Example: I have 5 points in PERCEPTION (already). I decide to use my point in that skill, now I have PERCEPTION 6. When I roll dice for PERCEPTION, I will do this:

6 + 1d6 (+/- modifiers) = 

Modifiers are BONUS or PENALTIES. When a character has a bonus on something, you will add it to your rolls. When a character has a penalty, for example, 'you are crazy, -1 to all rolls', you will substract it from your outcome. 

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